Atom (text-editor) Atom (text editor)

Editing Lines

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+g Go to line
Ctrl+l Select line
Ctrl+Shift+d Duplicate line
Ctrl+Shift+k Delete line
Ctrl+Arrow Up / Arrow Down Move line up/down
Ctrl / Toggle comment line
Ctrl+Enter New line below
Ctrl+[ / ] Indent / outdent selected lines
Ctrl+j Join lines

Manage Diffs

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Alt+g, thend Toggle list of diffs in file
Alt+g, thenArrow Down / Arrow Up Move to next/previous diff in file

Github Integration

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Alt+g, thenb Open on Github: blame
Alt+g, thenc Open on Github: copy-url
Alt+g, theng Open on Github: repository
Alt+g, thenh Open on Github: history
Alt+g, theni Open on Github: issues
Alt+g, theno Open on Github: file
Alt+g, thenr Open on Github: branch-compare

Code Folding

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+k, thenCtrl+1 ... 9 Fold all code at indent level 1 ... 9
Ctrl+Alt / Fold / unfold code
Ctrl+Alt+f Fold selected code
Ctrl+Alt+[ / ] Fold / unfold all code

Tree View

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+0(zero) orAlt Toggle focus Tree View
Ctrl+k, thenborCtrl Toggle tree view
j / k Select next/previous item
h / lORArrow Right / Arrow Left Expand / collapse selected directory
AltArrow Left / Arrow RightORCtrl+Alt+[ / ] Recursively expand / collapse directories
Enter Open selected item
mORF2 Move selected item
BackspaceORDelete Delete current item
d Duplicate selected item
Ctrl+1 ... 9 Open selected item in pane 1 ... 9
a Add new file
Shift+a Add new folder
i Toggle display of VCS ignored files

Editing Words and Brackets

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Alt+b / f Move to beginning / end of current word
Alt+Shift+b / f Select to beginning / end of current word
Ctrl+BackspaceORAlt+h Delete to beginning of current word
Ctrl+DeleteORAlt+d Delete to end of current word
Ctrl+Alt+. Complete bracket
Ctrl+m Go to matching bracket
Ctrl+Alt+m Select code inside matching brackets


Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+, Preferences
Ctrl+Shift+p Toggle command palette
Ctrl+b Browse list of open files
Ctrl+Alt+r Reload Atom
Ctrl+Shift+l Change synatx highlighting
Alt+Shift+s Show available code snippets
Ctrl+Shift+m Markdown preview
Ctrl+Alt+i Toggle Developer Tools

File Management

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+n New file
Ctrl+Shift+n New Window
Ctrl+p Open file (type the name to perform a search)
Ctrl+o Open file
Ctrl+Shift+o Open folder
Ctrl+s Save
Ctrl+Shift+s Save as
Ctrl+w Close tab
Ctrl+Shift+w Close window

Find and Replace

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+f Find in current file
Ctrl+Shift+f Find in project
F3 Find next
Shift+F3 Find previous
Ctrl+Enter Replace all
Ctrl+Alt / Use Regex in search
Ctrl+Alt+c Match case in search
Ctrl+Alt+s Search only in selection
Ctrl+Alt+w Match whole word


Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+Shift+= / - Increase / decrease text size
Ctrl+0(zero) Reset text size
F11 Toggle fullscreen