Google Earth Google Earth

Google Earth Features

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
ctrl+o Open file dialog box
ctrl+alt+s Save current view as Image
ctrl+p Print dialog box
ctrl+alt+e Email view

Keyboard with Mouse

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
click+drag Move viewer left, right, up, or down
shiftclick+drag left / right Rotate the view clockwise / counter-clockwise
shiftlick+drag up / down Tilt view up / tilt view down
ctrlclick+drag left / right Point perspective to the right / to the left
ctrlclick+drag up / down Point perspective up / down
right click+arrow up / arrow down Zoom in / out and automatic tilt at ground level
double-click or drag+release mouse Start Motion
spacebaror click Stop Motion

Create Items on Map

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
ctrl+shift+p Create new Placemark
ctrl+shift+n Create new folder
ctrl+shift+o Create new image Overlay
ctrl+shift+m Create new Model
ctrl+shift+t Create new Path
ctrl+shift+g Create new Polygon

Adjust View

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
f11 Switch to Full Screen
ctrl+alt+b Show or hide sidebar
ctrl+m Hide or show overview Window

3D Viewer

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description

Keyboard Only

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
arrow keys Move viewer left, right, up, or down
alt+arrow keys Move viewer in smaller increments
shift+arrow left / shift+arrow right Rotate view clockwise / counter-clockwise
shift+arrow down / shift+arrow up Tilt view up / down
alt+shift+arrow keys Rotate and Tilt in small increments
ctrl+arrow left / ctrl+arrow right Shift perspective right / left
ctrl+arrow down / ctrl+arrow up Shift perspective up / down
alt+ctrl+arrow keys Shift perspective in small increments
+ / - Zoom in / zoom out in small increments
ctrl+shift++ / ctrl+shift+- Zoom in / zoom out in larger increments (or use page up / page down)
n Reset View to rotate to "North up"
u Reset angle to view scene in "top-down" or "up" mode
r Reset angle to view "top-down" and rotates to "north-up" view


Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
alt+f Open File Menu
alt+e Open Edit Menu
alt+v Open View Menu
alt+a Open Add Menu
alt+t Open Tool Menu
alt+h Open Help Menu

Places Panel

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
ctrl+c Copy selected item
ctrl+x Cut selected item
ctrl+v Paste item
ctrl+f Find item
delete Delete selected item
ctrl+alt+r Edit selected Item
enter Zooms into selected item