HoneyView HoneyView

Filter and Viewing Modes

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
U No Filter
I Image Filter: Smooth
S Image Filter: Smooth+Sharpen:
1 Show One at a time
2 Show Two at a time
3 Swap the left/right image
0 Viewing Mode: None
9 Viewing Mode: Stretch to Frame
8 Stretch Width to Frame
7 Viewing Mode: Show Two at a time (Left->Right)
6 Viewing Mode: Show Two at a time (Left<-Right)
5 Viewing Mode: Show One at a time (Left->Right)
4 Viewing Mode: Show One at a time (Left<-Right)
Z Stretch only when image is bigger than frame

Change Files

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Delete Delete File
Insert Save File
Ctrl+Insert Move File

Main Shortcuts

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
F2,Ctrl+O Open File
F Open Folder
F4 Close File
Enter Select Image
Ctrl+Enter Show in Windows Explorer
PgDn/Page Up next image / previous image
Arrow Down / Arrow Up next image / previous image
Home / End first image / last image
Enter select image
Ctrl+Page Up / Ctrl+Page Down previous 10 images / nexst 10 images
Shift+Page Up / Shiftpage down previous 1 page / next one page
] / [ previous file/path / next file/path
Alt+Enter full screen
M maximize / restore
Q minimize


Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
/- Zoom in / zoom out
Ctrl+[+] / Ctrl+- Zoom in 1% / zoom out 1%
* zoom 100% (or numpad 5)
Ctrl+K Zoom Fix
/ Zoom Control


Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
` Lock Title Bar
~ Lock Control Bar
B Add to Bookmark
Ctrl+B Open most recent Bookmark
F3 Edit Bookmarks
Ctrl+A Always on Top:
Ctrl+M Show/Hide Metainfo
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+Alt+W Set as Wallpaper


Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
NumPad9/ NumPad7 Scroll Up Right / Scroll Up Left
NumPad3/ NumPad1 Scroll Down Right / Scroll Down Left
NumPad6/ NumPad4 Scroll Right / Scroll Left
NumPad2/ NumPad5 Scroll Down / Scroll Center

Change Image View

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Alt+Arrow Up Do not Rotate
Alt+Arrow Left Rotate 90 Degrees to the left
Alt+Arrow Right Rotate 90 Degrees to the right
Alt+Arrow Down Rotate 180
Tab File/EXIF Info
Ctrl+E Launch External Program
Ctrl+I Negative
Ctrl+G Gamma correction