To move cursor

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Arrow Left / Arrow Right Go one charactor left / one character right
Ctrl+Arrow Left / Ctrl+Arrow Right Go one Word left / one word right
Arrow Up To go upper or previous line
Arrow Down To go next line
Alt+Arrow Up To move previous text to the beginning of the box
Alt+Arrow Down To move to the next text box
Ctrl+Arrow Up To go to the begining of the current or the previous paragraph
Ctrl+Arrow Down To go to the beginnig of the next paragraph
Home To go to the beginning of the line
End To go to the end of the line
Ctrl+Home To go to the beggining of the text
Ctrl+End To go to the end of the text
Double Click To select one word
Tripple Click To select complete paragraph

For changing zoom or view

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
F5 To fit text in document window
F6 To view 50% zoom of text
F7 To view 100% Zoom of text
F8 To view 200% zoom of text

For Page Change

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
`Alt +Page Up To go to previous of text
Alt+Page Down To go to next pageof text
Alt+Home To go the first page of the text
Alt+End To go the last page of the text
Alt+Enter To switch between master page and document

For Editing

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+Space To switch between english and urdu mode
Back Space To Delete previous charactor
CtrlBack Space To Delete Previous word
Delete To delete next word
Ctrl+Delete To delete next charactor
Ctrl+x To cut selected text
Ctrl+c To copy selected text
Ctrl+v To paste text
CtrlZ , Alt + Back space To undo last action
Ctrl+a To select all text
Ctrl+f To find text
Ctrl+r To replace text

For Page Movement

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Page Up To go one screen upward
Page Down To go down one screen
Ctrl+Page Up To go one screen left
Ctrl+Page Down To go one screen right
Shift+Page Up To move screen up one line
Ctrl+Shift+Page Up To move screen left one line
Ctrl+Shift+Page Down To move screen left one line

For Editing of Objects

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+a To select all objects
ShiftMouse Click To select or deselect objects
Delete `To delete Selected objects
Ctrl+x To cut selected objects
Ctrl+c To copy selected objects
Ctrl+v To paste objects
Ctrl+z To undo last action
Arrow Keys To move selected Objects
Ctrl+Arrow Keys To move selected objects slowley

For File Releated

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+n For new document
Ctrl+o To open document
Ctrl+s To save document
Ctrl+Alt+s To save as open document
Ctrl+p To print Document
Ctrl+Alt+p To open dialog box of pint setup
Ctrl+F4 To close document
Alt+F4 To quit application after closing document
Ctrl+y To import text or picture
Ctrl+Alt+y To export text or picture
Double click on pictutre box To import picture

For Tools Selection

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Shift+F2 To select textbox tool
Shift+F3 To select title text boox tool
Shift+F4 To select link text box tool
Shift+F5 To select picture box tool
Shift+F6 To select round picture box tool
Shift+F7 To select curved picture box tool
Shift+F9 To select graphics box tool
Shift+F10 To select round graphics box tool
Shift+F11 To select round edges graphics box tool
Shift+F12 To select line tool

To Change Picture

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Arrow Keys To move picture
Ctrl+Arrow Keys To move selected objetcs to least distance
Delete To delete selected objects
Ctrl+x To cut the selected objects
`Ctrl +c To copy selected objects
Ctrl+v To paste selected Objects

For formatting

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+b To bold the selected text
Ctrl+i To italic the selected text
Ctrl+Alt+l To align text left side
Ctrl+Alt+r To align text right side
Ctrl+Alt+j To align text from both sides
Ctrl+Alt+f To force align from both sides
Ctrl+Alt+t To switch between text and tab mode
Ctrl+t To make style sheets
Ctrl+h To open dialog box of cheractor
Ctrl+g To open dialog box of paragraph
Ctrl+F5 To increase space between selected text
Ctrl+F6 To decrease space between selected text
Ctrl+F7 To move upward baseline of selected text
Ctrl+F8 To move downward baseline of selected text
Ctrl+F9 To decrease font size of selected text
Ctrl+F10 To increase font text of selected text

Page Editing

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Alt+Delete To delete pages
Alt+Insert To insert pages