IntelliJ IDEA IntelliJ IDEA


Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+K Commit project to VCS
Ctrl+T Update project from VCS
Alt+Shift+C View recent changes
Alt` ‘VCS’ quick popup
F8 Step over
F7 Step into
Shift+F7 Smart step into
Shift+F8 Step out
Alt+F9 Run to cursor
Alt+F8 Evaluate expression
F9 Resume program
Ctrl+F8 Toggle breakpoint
Ctrl+Shift+F8 View breakpoints


Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+N To quickly open any class.
Ctrl+Shift+N To quickly open any file.
Ctrl+Shift+F12 Toggle tools (maximize/minimize code window).
Ctrl+Space Code completion.
Alt+F7 To find all places where a particular class, method or variable is used in the whole project by positioning the caret at the symbol's name or at its usage in code.
Crtl+P To quickly see the documentation for the class or method used at the editor's caret.


Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Alt+0...9 Open corresponding tool window
Ctrl+S Save all
Ctrl+Alt+Y Synchronize
Ctrl+Shift+F12 Toggle maximizing editor
Alt+Shift+F Add to Favorites
Alt+Shift+I Inspect current file with current profile
Ctrl+` Quick switch current scheme
Ctrl+Alt+S Open Settings dialog
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S Open Project Structure dialog
Ctrl+Shift+A Find Action
Ctrl+Tab Switch between tabs and tool window

Compile and Run

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+F9 Make project (compile modifed and dependent)
Ctrl+Shift+F9 Compile selected file, package or module
Alt+Shift+F10 Select configuration and run
Alt+Shift+F9 Select configuration and debug
Shift+F10 Run
Shift+F9 Debug
Ctrl+Shift+F10 Run context configuration from editor


Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Double Shift Search everywhere
Ctrl+F Find
F3 / Shift+F3 Find next / Find previous
Ctrl+R Replace
Ctrl+Shift+F Find in path
Ctrl+Shift+R Replace in path
Ctrl+Shift+S Search structurally (Ultimate Edition only)
Ctrl+Shift+M Replace structurally (Ultimate Edition only)

Live Templates

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+Alt+J Surround with Live Template
Ctrl+J Insert Live Template
Ctrl+J- iter Iteration according to Java SDK 1.5 style
Ctrl+J- inst Check object type with instanceof and downcast it
Ctrl+J- itco Iterate Collection / Iterate elements of java.util.Collection
Ctrl+J- itit Iterate Itterator / IIterate elements of java.util.Iterator
Ctrl+J- itli Iterate List / Iterate elements of java.util.List
Ctrl+J- psf Public static final
Ctrl+J- thr throw new


Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+Space Basic code completion (the name of any class, method or variable)
Ctrl+Shift+Space Smart code completion (filters the list of methods and variables by expected type)
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Complete statement
Ctrl+P Parameter info (within method call arguments)
Ctrl+Q Quick documentation lookup
Shift+F1 External Doc
Ctrlmouse over code Brief Info
Ctrl+F1 Show descriptions of error or warning at caret
Alt+Insert Generate code... (Getters, Setters, Constructors, hashCode/equals, toString)
Ctrl+O Override methods
Ctrl+I Implement methods
Ctrl+Alt+T Surround with… (if..else, try..catch, for, synchronized, etc.)
Ctrl / Comment/uncomment with line comment
Ctrl+Shift / Comment/uncomment with block comment
Ctrl+W Select successively increasing code blocks
Ctrl+Shift+W Decrease current selection to previous state
Alt+Q Context info
Alt+Enter Show intention actions and quick-fixes
Ctrl+Alt+L Reformat code
Ctrl+Alt+O Optimize imports
Ctrl+Alt+I Auto-indent line(s)
Tab / Shift+Tab Indent/unindent selected lines
Ctrl+X / Shift+Delete Cut current line or selected block to clipboard
Ctrl+C / Ctrl+Insert Copy current line or selected block to clipboard
Ctrl+V / Shift+Insert Paste from clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+V Paste from recent buffers...
Ctrl+D Duplicate current line or selected block
Ctrl+Y Delete line at caret
Ctrl+Shift+J Smart line join
Ctrl+Enter Smart line split
Shift+Enter Start new line
Ctrl+Shift+U Toggle case for word at caret or selected block
Ctrl+Shift+] / [ Select till code block end/start
Ctrl+Delete Delete to word end
Ctrl+Backspace Delete to word start
CtrlNumPad+ / - Expand/collapse code block
Ctrl+ShiftNumPad+ / - Expand all / collapse all
Ctrl+F4 Close active editor tab
Alt+F7 / Ctrl+F7 Find usages / Find usages in file
Ctrl+Shift+F7 Highlight usages in file
Ctrl+Alt+F7 Show usages
F5 Copy
F6 Move
Alt+Delete Safe Delete
Shift+F6 Rename
Ctrl+F6 Change Signature
Ctrl+Alt+N Inline
Ctrl+Alt+M Extract Method
Ctrl+Alt+V Extract Variable
Ctrl+Alt+F Extract Field
Ctrl+Alt+C Extract Constant
Ctrl+Alt+P Extract Parameter


Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Ctrl+N Go to class
Ctrl+Shift+N Go to file
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N Go to symbol
AltRight/Left Go to next/previous editor tab
F12 Go back to previous tool window
Esc Go to editor (from tool window)
Shift+Esc Hide active or last active window
Ctrl+Shift+F4 Close active run/messages/find/... tab
Ctrl+G Go to line
Ctrl+E Recent files popup
Ctrl+Alt+Arrow left / Arrow right Navigate backward / navigate forward
Ctrl+Shift+Backspace Navigate to last edit location
Alt+F1 Select current file or symbol in any view
Ctrl+B / CtrlClick Go to declaration
Ctrl+Alt+B Go to implementation(s)
Ctrl+Shift+I Open quick definition lookup
Ctrl+Shift+B Go to type declaration
Ctrl+U Go to super-method/super-class
Alt+Arrow up / Arrow down Go to previous/next method
Ctrl+] / [ Move to code block end / move to code start
Ctrl+F12 File structure popup
Ctrl+H Type hierarchy
Ctrl+Shift+H Method hierarchy
Ctrl+Alt+H Call hierarchy
F2 / Shift+F2 Next/previous highlighted error
F4 / Ctrl+Enter Edit source / View source
Alt+Home Show navigation bar
F11 Toggle bookmark
Ctrl+F11 Toggle bookmark with mnemonic
Ctrl+0...9 Go to numbered bookmark
Shift+F11 Show bookmarks