IrfanView IrfanView

Basic Image Editing

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
H Horizontal flip
V Vertical flip
I Image information
L Rotate 90 degrees left
R Rotate 90 degrees right
Ctrl+U Custom rotation dialog
Shift+G Enhance colors
Shift+S Sharpen
Shift+U Auto color correction
Shift+Y Red eye reduction (on selected area)

Slideshow Controls

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
F4 Add current image to slideshow
Shift+A Start/stop automatic viewing (windowed slideshow)
Ctrl+W Start slideshow with current directory and images
W Slideshow dialog
pause/break Pause / resume an automatic slideshow

Fullscreen Mode

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Enter Toggle fullscreen mode
Esc Exit fullscreen mode
1 Show image as original size (1:1)
2 Fit only large images to screen
3 Fit all images to screen
4 Stretch all images to screen
5 Fit image width to screen
6 Fit image height to screen height
num 5 Scroll to center of image
F Loop through full screen image fit options
F11 Show / hide the mouse in full screen mode (mouse reappears when moved)
N Toggle text display in full screen mode
Shift+L Lock/unlock zoom factor (applies current zoom to all loaded images)

Tools and Dialogs

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
C Capture dialog
F3 Show image in HEX viewer
F12 Paint dialog
Ctrl+B Browse subfolders dialog
Ctrl+E Effects dialog
Ctrl+F Find
Ctrl+G Create grayscale image
Ctrl+Q Edit multipage TIF file
Ctrl+R Resample dialog
Ctrl+T Insert text into selection
Ctrl+print Interactive screenshot tool
Shift+T Focuss the toolbar edit field
Shift+V Change canvas size
Ctrl+Shift+A Acquire / batch scan dialog
Ctrl+Shift+M Comment dialog (for JPG images)
Ctrl+Shift+C Set image as wallpaper - centered
Ctrl+Shift+T Set image as wallpaper - tiled
Ctrl+Shift+S Set image as wallpaper - stretched
Ctrl+Shift+P Set image as wallpaper - previous wallpaper

View / Zoom

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Enter Toggle fullscreen mode
F Toggle fit images to desktop and fit window to image
F5 / U Refresh view
Ctrl+H Original size (reset zoom)
Shift+W Fit image to window
[+] / = Zoom in
- Zoom out
Arrow Keys Scroll image (when zoomed)
Page Up / Page Down Scroll to the top / bottom of an image (when zoomed)
Home / End Scroll to the left / right edge of an image (when zoomed)
Shift+F Fit only big images to desktop
Shift+L Lock/unlock zoom factor (applies to all loaded images)
Shift+O Fit window to image
Ctrl+Shift+W Toggle stretching image across all monitors

Main Program Window

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Esc Close current window or dialog,exit fullscreen view, or exit program
F1 Help
A About Irfanview dialog
G Stop .GIF animation
T Thumbnails window
Tab Switch focus between thumbnails window and main window
Ctrl+Tab Cycle focus in the thumbnails window
M Minimize the IrfanView window
Alt+Shift+S Show/hide status bar
Alt+Shift+T Show/hide toolbar bar
Alt+Shift+M Show/hide menu bar
Alt+Shift+C Show/hide window title and borders


Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
F9 Start OCR plugin on image or selection
E Show EXIF information
K Filter Factory dialog
Ctrl+K Open Adobe filters dialog (plugin required)
Ctrl+I Show IPTC info
Shift+M Email image
Shift+J JPG lossless operations (plugin required)
Ctrl+Shift+J Lossless JPG crop (Plugin required)
Ctrl+Shift+L Lossless JPG rotation - left (Plugin required)
Ctrl+Shift+R Lossless JPG rotation - right (Plugin required)


Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Space / Backspace Load next / previous image in current directory
Arrow Right / Arrow Left / Page Up / Page Down Load next / previous image in current directory (when not zoomed)
Ctrl+Page Up / Page Down Next / previous page in a multipage image (e.g. a scan)
Ctrl+1 ? 9 Move forward 1 - 9 images in the current directory
Ctrl+Shift+1 ? 9 Move backward 1 - 9 images in the current directory
Ctrl+Home / End Load first / last image in current directory
Home / End Load first / last image in current directory (when not zoomed)
X / Shift+X Tag / untag current image
Shift+Q Show tagged files in Thumbnails window

File Handling

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
F2 / F6 Rename file
B Batch convert or rename
O Open
P Properties
S Save as?
Shift+E Open image in external viewer/editor
Ctrl+M Open random image from current directory
Ctrl+N Open current image in new window
Ctrl+P Print
D Edit delete (NOTE: this command removes the file from the program\\\'s display, bit does NOT delete the file.)
Ctrl+S Save dialog
Shift+R Reopen
Ctrl+Alt+P Direct print image (no dialog box)
Shift+N New image

Copy / Paste / Select

Shortcut Key Shortcut Description
Delete Delete image
Insert Paste image
F7 Move file
F8 Copy file
Shift+Arrow Keys Move the selection rectangle
Ctrl+A Select/unselect all
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Shift+P Copy current image name
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Y Crop image to selection
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Shift+Y Auto crop image borders
Shift+C Create custom selection